ACCOMM FEATURE: The Le Viti Barn – BBA’s Newest Addition
September 22, 2020

BBA: We Sold The Bower


The next exciting chapter for Byron Beach Abodes is in the pipeline and we couldn’t be more excited, but before we put our focus on that we wanted to let you know that we’re saying goodbye to The Bower.
As you know for the past 3 years, The Bower has been the jewel in the Byron Beach Abodes coastal holiday property portfolio, providing a unique, luxury accommodation experience that truly reflects the eclectic spirit and world-renowned beauty of Byron Bay. 

The Bower and the journey of its creation is such an integral part of our BBA story but the time has come for it to be sold and taken over by new owners.
We dreamed it, built it and as they say, the people came. The concept for The Bower began on a trip to New York City. My husband Sein and I were staying at The Bowery - a beautifully moody, boutique hotel in the heart of the city, surrounded by other delightful boutique hotels, all reflecting a very particular feel. It was an experience that gave us the desire to create something similar in our home town of Byron. Something that, at its heart, had a similar aesthetic and feel.
It saw eight creatives, from architects, builders, designers, stylists landscapers and more, collaborate with spectacular results in the creation of this unique, luxury boutique accommodation which combined the cool, urban style of Manhattan and the laid-back, beachside lifestyle of Byron. In the past we’d completed projects without designers and stylists but The Bower was bigger than anything I’d done before and so it was that we created the ultimate dream team to realise my vision for The Bower.
It began with The Bower Barn, Bower Cottage, Bower Suites and Bower House, and then came the addition of the award-winning, perfectly round mineral pool , the Bower Studios and Deluxe King Rooms with Bath, some of the favourite spaces we’ve created with their seductive and ever-so moody colour palette. It was such a diversion from The Bower's usual aesthetic which has a focus on soft whites, punctuations of colour with bespoke furniture pieces, hand-thrown pottery, curated vintage art and metres of the softest linens. Then finally we added the garden bar with cocktails and local beers on tap. The Bower constantly evolved. It’s what we’ve always done at BBA and it’s what we’ll continue to do.

We’ve seen The Bower written about in some of our favourite magazines such as Vogue, Country Style, Real Living, Fete Press, Inside Out, Vogue Living, Conde Nast Traveller, Gourmet Traveller, Domain Prestige, it’s appeared on some of our favourite blogs and we’ve hosted incredible events with fabulous Australian brands.  We’re in Top Lists across the globe from Best Air BnB to best Boutique Hotel.

We’re very proud of what’s been achieved and could not have done it without a team of dedicated supporters. It is why the hugest of thanks goes to the following people who embraced our dream with passion and commitment and worked tirelessly alongside us to make it a reality:

John Burgess - Architect

Greg Lyon - Construction

Daniel Kemp - Landscaping

Suncatcher Pools - Pool Construction

Kate Sacks - Interior Design Consultant

Jessie Prince - Photography/Videography

Claudine Claridge - Branding

Georgia Meretta - Marketing, Communications and Web Design

Danelle - Superstar Property Manager

Our invaluable Front of House and Back of House Teams

Our loyalty to the brands who’ve helped shape The Bower and BBA aesthetic and experience will continue into the future too as our next exciting projects take shape. These brands include:

More than anything though we want to thank you.  We are so thrilled to have seen so many of you experience our unique, boutique hotel in exactly the way we envisaged it would be enjoyed and we hope that more and more people get to experience that same joy under The Bower Byron Bay’s new ownership.

For us though it’s on to our next.  We’re coming to get you in 2021 so Watch This Space!

Taliah X