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February 4, 2020
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WHO’S STAYED HERE: Loni Jane / The Cabin


She’s also a mother to two healthy plant-powered kids, author, photographer and creative artist with a passion to share her take on living a healthy, balanced life with as many people as she can.  Her Feel The Lean e-books aim to help you ‘lean towards a healthier more vibrant you and lean towards a better earth.’

“If I can play a small part in kick-starting your journey to optimal health and balance, my spirit shines brighter and so will yours,” says Loni.  “It starts with stabilising your body through an abundance of nutrition, living an active lifestyle and self-love. And it’s not about fad diets, quick fixes, calorie restriction or excessive exercise.” 

It’s an attitude to life that we share, and like Loni, know that it takes patience and a commitment to being kind to ourselves and others on a daily basis.  We loved welcoming Loni and her two beautiful children back to The Cabin to refresh her spirits. It’s a great start to be settled into this beautiful space, embedded deep in all that Mother Nature has to offer, starting with the towering eucalypts that surround it.



A love and respect for Mother Earth is key to your sense of well-being.

LJ: Without it I would have no sense of wellbeing, it's that important to me.

What is it about Byron that calms your soul? 

LJ: I actually believe it’s deeper that just what the eye can see. i believe it's the energy in the area from the special magnetising stones and crystals that lie beneath it too!

What inspired you most about The Cabin?

LJ: Feeling like you’re a part of nature, nestled as you are amongst the trees.

The environment plays an important part in our designs.  How did you see that reflected in our property? 

LJ: The environment is written all over it - the walls, the use of natural and raw materials, the elegance, the colour palette.  It’s just so relaxing and comfortable to spend time in. 

What did you do in your time in Byron? 

LJ: I spent most of my time in the accommodation because of that beautiful free-flowing space between the outside and in.  But I also worked on some new projects, enjoyed time in the super comfy beds, took salt baths, did yoga, walked along the beach, gathered food from the health food stores and markets and spent time with friends.  I had my kids with me too so made sure I spent time creating amazing, memorable moments together. It was an absolute joy. 



We know you’ve devoted yourself to a plant-based lifestyle. Byron is full of fab eateries that serve up the freshest foods crafted from local, seasonal produce. Which ones did you find in Byron? 

LJ: I mostly buy my own food from the market or health food store and prepare it myself. But I do love places like Santos, The Source, the Thursday markets and Fundies which has amazing salads as well as my fave coco water and choc vegan brownies. I love all the vegan sushi from Kinoko, No Bones, Light Years, Raes for oysters, Oyster Bar, Byron Bay Deli for olives and Bare Blends for smoothies. 

Unwinding and detoxing from screens is a must these days. What books did you pack to read?

LJ:I didn't. At the moment when I’m offline I'm literally with my kids, fiance, family, doing yoga, making food, gathering food, walking or sleeping and ultimately thinking about everyone else. I’m struggling for time to read books or even sitting for long enough so I can read. That time will come so for now it’s ok. 

What was on your playlist?

LJ: Anything 80s,90s, a bit of Aaliyah, plus some new HNNY, Bicep, Fatimia Yamaha.

Which beaches did you visit?

LJ: The Pass and Wategos 

And long leisurely walks?

LJ: Up to the lighthouse from Raes, along to The Pass to Main Beach and back. 

We love natural fibres and guessing you do too. What did you pack to wear? 

LJ: My collaboration with local Bangalow range Johansen, Skye and Staghorn linen pants, cotton crops, and rainbow tie dye bucket hat. 

Do you have fav local designers?

LJ: Johansen, local vintage and thrift, Yoli and Otis.

Some favourite memories of your stay...

LJ: Sunrise by the pool, swimming with my kids at The Cabin, the shampoo and conditioner and moisturiser (it changed my hair forever and I now use it every time I wash my hair), laying in bed at night and falling asleep with all the doors open and the linen curtains swaying in the breeze.  

Could you please share a top-line tip for living the best version of yourself that you can be?

LJ: Be your own book, open yourself up and learn to read yourself.  You'll get far more out of it than any other book.

What's one of your go-to recipes for a healthy smoothie bowl?  

LJ: Frozen bananas, fresh apple juice, wild blueberries blended in a vitamix and topped with Superfood Rawnola (recipe on my blog). 

And one of our faves is Loni’s Superfood Burcha Mix for brekkie, on the run or anytime really. It’s a scrummy take on traditional bircher muesli and all the ingredients come from The Source Bulkfoods.  With a zero waste philosophy of delivering food not packaged in plastic or tied with string, and only buying what you need, their humble Byron Bay fruit, veg and health food store grew into the largest specialised bulk food retailers in Australia. Their take on a sustainable planet has a perfect fit with ours.