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January 24, 2020
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February 1, 2020

LIFESTYLE: Seed and Sprout


It’s one of just many successful startups in Byron Bay, and founder Sophie Kovic’s ideas for creating a new type of lunch box which eliminated the need for single-use plastics hit the right chord at the right time. Their initial Kickstarter campaign raised nearly 700% of their goal amount and was fully funded in just 48 hours. Impressive.

Their mantra of ’starting somewhere’ is one we share at Byron Beach Abodes too.  As they say: “You don’t have to be vegan to reduce your meat and dairy intake. You don’t have to be a zero-waster to start minimising your rubbish.  You don’t have to strike to be an eco activist and you don’t have to live in a tiny house to lower your footprint. Just do your best.”

They continue to inspire us with the simple things like replacing disposable razors with a Leaf Razor with its three-blade pivoting head nestled into a beautiful, durable, all-metal razor. No waste. No plastic. Lots of tips like how to make your own sustainable, multi-purpose cleaning products, why it’s smart not to wash your fruit and veges before you store them and so much more.

From firstly creating their brilliant plastic-free Bento lunch boxes to developing all sorts of eco-friendly products for the kitchen, bathroom and more, their mission is to not only make life easier but the planet better for it.  

“We’re constantly working on exciting new solutions to everyday problems that are not only accessible and affordable, but also do good in the world,” says Sophie.  “I feel it may be a lifelong effort but sometimes being too focussed on perfection can be the enemy of progress.”   

Smart thinking. It really does mean starting with just one step at a time and we’re all capable of that. You’ll undoubtedly find some inspo in this fab list from Seed & Sprout and the infographics are shareable too.  Why not save them then start sharing away. It’s what we’re doing right now!