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BBA has formed some amazing local partnerships to ensure that every Byron holiday, starting with checking into your luxury holiday accommodation, is exceptional, and one of their favourites is with Wild Goat Events. Founder/Director Katie Elliott has Proposals as one of her key event offerings for couples who want a thoroughly bespoke and intimate proposal layered with lots of soul and unforgettable touches of the magical.
As a third generation Byron Bay-ite, Katie blends a wealth of local knowledge with years travelling the world working for boutique events companies to her business, creating experiences that infuse an irresistible blend of global flavour and relaxed Byron Bay beach vibe. That and an absolute commitment to detail and endless passion to make every event  special is what sets Wild Goat Events apart.
We had a chat with Katie about planning the perfect 'Will you marry me?' moment..... 
BBA: What are the favourite go-to locations around Byron Bay that people choose to pop the question?

KATIE: A Byron Bay proposal is synonymous with 2 things - either the iconic Cape Byron Lighthouse, or on the sand, at any of our world-famous beaches.

BBA: Obviously, everything that Wild Goat Events do is bespoke, but are there any recurring features of a Byron Bay proposal?

KATIE: We love to tailor each of our proposals specifically to our clients tastes, but I would say the timing - either at sunrise or sunset is a recurring feature.

BBA: If you had to make suggestions around food or music options, what would you choose to create an unforgettable vibe?

KATIE: One of the first things we ask our clients to do is make a list of their favourite songs/artists that have a special significance for the two of them as a couple, then a list of their favourite foods, as this is paramount to creating the perfect vibe for that particular couple. 

Personally I love to mix in classics like - Marvin Gaye (Let’s Get It On or Sexual Healing), Al Green (Let’s Stay Together or Here I Am), Otis Redding (Stand By Me), Etta James (At Last), Elvis Presley (Can’t Help Falling In Love), with modern day artists like Ben Howard (Only Love), Alicia Keys (If I Ain’t Got You), John Legend (Stay With You), John Mayer (Free Fallin or Your Body is a Wonderland), Sam Smith (Stay with Me), James Bay (Let It Go), John Butler Trio (Only One), Ed Sheeran (Thinking Out Loud).

When it comes to food - I can never go past local, seasonal-produce inspired grazing platters. Not only do they look amazing, but they cater to all tastes and dietary requirements and are perfect for any location (indoor/outdoor). And what’s more romantic than feeding each other morsels of delicious food, while sipping champagne?


BBA: What are some unique or creative ways that you've been able to personalise the perfect proposal event?

KATIE: Our expertise in creating unique events at Cape Byron has allowed us to organise some unforgettable sunrise and sunset proposals atop the Cape Byron Lighthouse itself. Whether it’s organising a secret photographer to simply capture the moment, a live acoustic musician to serenade your loved one, singing their favourite song, while you both slow dance under a full moon, or filling 100 glass jars with photos and scattering them on the sand, so our client could pop the question with the words “here we are surrounded by a hundred memories, will you marry me, so we can make thousands more?"

BBA: What are some big no no's you would advise against?

KATIE: Personally, I think the more intimate the location, the better, as it can be quite daunting for the person popping the question if hundreds of people are standing around watching, and even more so for the person answering.  That is unless you both really like the attention - then go for it!. Our team also insists on a suitable wet-weather backup option as mother nature doesn’t always co-operate on the day. It's where our local knowledge on the right location, time of day and season comes into its own in designing and coordinating a client's dream proposal.

BBA: With the recent change in marriage laws, have you had many same-sex couples taking the plunge and choosing Byron Bay as their proposal destination?

KATIE: We had our first ever same-sex marriage proposal on NYE! It was such an emotional lead-up for our client, who almost pulled the pin the week of, due to last minute nerves. We supported her through every moment, right up until the day, when just as the sun was rising, and our client was leading her partner to their surprise beach proposal set-up, a huge double rainbow appeared, which taken as a good omen, prompted our client to drop to one knee and pop the question right then and there (we can’t take credit for the rainbow, but we’d like to think we helped haha).


BBA: Given that there's a lot of pressure on the event going as smoothly as possible, how's your success rate?

KATIE: 100% (of course). The beauty of using our professional proposal planning services is that we work closely with our clients to plan and coordinate every minute detail of their proposal, no matter how small. Our services take away all of the added stress associated with creating an unforgettable proposal, allowing our clients to simply take-in and enjoy every single moment just as much as their partner, confident in our team of experts who are on-hand before, during and following the proposal, for whatever our client needs. What could be better than arriving to your very own private event, tailor-made just for the two of you, and then walking away a few hours later, hand in hand, with your new fiancé.

BBA: And one final question: There is so much planning that goes into a great event, even small/intimate ones. What are the elements that really make a WGE event unique? Even if it isn't something that is even visible.

KATIE: A huge amount of work goes into creating every event, even one for just two, and WGE has an absolute commitment to the smallest of detail in creating tailored, intimate experiences for all of our clients. We focus on the intangibles as much - if not more - than the tangibles. Everything we create is born out of a sensory, holistic approach to the experience  - sight, sound, touch, taste, smell. We are firm believers that if any of these elements are overlooked, it leaves a feeling that something is missing, on the day.