August 28, 2017
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September 1, 2017


Along with lush linens, lots of textural elements, fresh white walls, an eclectic mix of old and new pieces and a splash of black - a touch of greenery is quintessential Byron Beach Abodes design. From creeping plants with cascades of fleshy, heart-shaped leaves to tall, architectural silhouettes, you will find plants in almost every room of BBA, The Villas of Byron and The Bower.

Where you’ll see the green most:

  • Brightening up custom-built kitchen wall shelving
  • Making a statement with a bold, tall floor plant, positioned perfectly to capture natural light 
  • Creating a sense of visual abundance and interest with a creeping ivy weaving its way along a mantle piece or antique wall mirror

What BBA loves about having indoor plants:

  • they bring a softness to more structural design elements
  • they're an integral part of the BBA signature aesthetic  
  • that a big bold leafed plant beside a comfy chair creates the perfect reading nook in the Byron Bay sunshine
  • their contrasting texture and foliage adds interest to the overall design aesthetic and BBA is all about texture!
  • they have significant health benefits.  A NASA study confirms common indoor plants such as devil’s ivy and the rubber plant have been shown to reduce levels of dangerous substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene in the home.  Who doesn't want that!
  • they bring the garden indoors.  Taliah Lowry, Founder of Byron Beach Abodes, had a clear brief and vision for the gardens surrounding their properties: “ include luxuriant greens with interesting foliage and mature specimens to give the properties a sense of establishment and privacy. Guests need to feel like they’re in their own homes and be able to move about and enjoy their space without being on display."  How nice to be able to bring a touch of that inside too.

BBA’s Top 5 must-have indoor plants:

Devil’s Ivy

Kentia Palm

Raphus Palm

Maiden Hair Fern

Snake Plant (Mother In Law’s Tongue)